A Fun Team Pictorial Competition At Office

There comes a time in the office when we don't feel like having the energy to work. It could be because of the stress, pressure and work load that we get for spending 5 or 6 days a week in the office. But thanks to our new hr officer! She made a friendly fun pictorial team competition activity at the office for us! :D

Here's the result of our team pictorial competition at office

No it's not action movie poster! but this is our Admin Department team with Shee, Nike and Kuya Mike heheh :)

Here's the sexiest team in our office! The CSR Department with Kiko, Chui and Irish :) a.k.a The Wilson's Angel! lol!!!

Logistics Department  Lead by Erica and her new teammates

Marketing Department with Ms.Wilks, Yohan, Jennyl, Mark, Arvin, Sir Gilbert and of course my one and only mhie <3 :D

Our Product Department team with Mam Mel, Jay, Elaine, Simon, Nel, Mickee and one of our on the job trainee. This one is funny as hell for me! because the guy in the left which is Jay wasn't supposed to be in this pic! Lol! It was just an edited photo to include him in this pic since he was absent when this was photo was taken haha! :)

Purchasing Team Binondo With Beautiful Mam Corey with Sergio and Anne

Purchasing Team Ortigas Branch with our sir Manny, Mommy Che and one of our new on the job trainee.

And last but not the least is the SEO Department with Sir Don, Aileen, Bj of course ME :)

And to announced who won in this fun team pictorial competition activuty!

Ehem!! Ehem!! of course it was our SEO Department together with CSR Department. It was a tied hahah :D

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