Here’s More of the Shoes That Was Used By The Characters of Slam DunkSeries

 Converse shoes used by Kaede Rukawa of team Shohoku

Converse shoes used by Akira Sendoh of team Ryonan

Converse shoes used by Ryota Miyagi of team Shohoku


Kicks used by Takenori Akagi of team Shohoku 

Kicks used by Hisashi Mitsui of team Shohoku


Kicks used by Shinichi Maki of team Kainan


Kicks used by Kenji Fujima of team Shoyo


  1. haha this is awesome. how did you ever found these things out? amaziiiing :))

  2. WOW! U really recognize all their kicks(sneakers). & as for Mitsui, he already wore the newer model of Asics in later pictures. :-D