NBA 2k14 Locker Cheat Codes For PC

nba 2k14

Playing NBA 2k14 is definitely fun and challenging. But not when you start to get bored and have a hard time playing it. If you ever be on that situation then you can start to use this NBA 2k14 locker cheat codes for you to revive and have fun.
Go to main menu and then select the "Features" option and choose "Locker Codes" , after that you can now enter one of the following codes listed below for you to activate the cheat function. Note: Some codes may expire in time.

#BOXOFCHOCOLATES - This a code for you to get a random reward.

SLPERBIRTOEN - This a code to unlock the Hang Time dunk package for  MyCareer player.

SPRITEBUBBLES - This a code to unlock the Lift Off dunk package for your MyCareer player.

HARRISONSLAM - This a code to unlock the Harrison Barnes dunk package for your MyCareer player.

#IGGY9NBAPLAYOFFS - This is a code to unlock the Ruby Iguodala.

2K+SPRITE - This is a code to unlock Zero Gravity dunk package for MyCareer player. It allows your Player to jump over defenders and able to do unique dunks, no matter what the stats are of the player.

payrespect - This a code to unlock the ABA ball.


    Do you want to max out your MyCareer Player's stats and skills without buying or having a hard time on obtaining skill points?

    If you want to, then there's a glitch in NBA 2k14 that you can do to max out your My Player Stats
    Build your own character then go through the Rookie Showcase until the season starts. After you have able to earned your first 500 SP (you can earn it for 2-3 games), You must buy the "Ray Allen Signature Layup" from the store. Once you buy it and now have a negative amount of SP, this is the glitch that will now allow you to max out your MyCareer player's attributes and signature skills without needing any SP.

    Hope you like it! have fun! :)

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