NBA 2K12 My Player Mode Skill Point Cheats

If your playing the pc version of NBA 2K12 MY PLAYER MODE but you’ve find it hard to play it because it’s hard for you to earn skill points in the game, then here I will teach you the cheats on how to have unlimited skills points for you to upgrade the attributes of your player.

1. The first thing to do is of course you must have already installed the pc version of NBA2k12.

2. You need to download and install this software in your computer called CHEAT ENGINE 6.0 VERSION here is the link : DOWNLOAD

3. After you installed the CHEAT ENGINE in your pc, now be ready to play the My player Mode in NBA 2K12.

4. CREATE A PLAYER IN NBA 2K12 MY PLAYER MODE AND THEN AFTER THAT CLICK THE TAB MY PLAYER AND THEN --->  click SKILLS POINTS ---> then  ATTRIBUTES and stop right there for a while, now its time for you to use CHEAT ENGINE SOFTWARE.

5. Open the Cheat Engine Software and look for the FILE MENU TAB,  under the menu tab you will see a  THREE LITTLE ICON –> click the FIRST ICON you see which is under the FILE TAB. after you click that icon, your now in the process list. now drop it down and look for the NBA2K12 ICON or this code : 000012C4-nba2k12.exe and click it.

cheat engine
 click the icon

6. Once you click it, look for the ADD ADDRESS MANUALLY button tab and put this code in the address :


and then click OK. (make sure you really put the code in the address)

7. After you put the address code.. you should right click the highlighted code that you will see

right click on it

8. after you right click the highlighted code, click CHANGE RECORD and then click VALUE and there you can put how much skill points you want in the game.. you can just put 999999999 if you want and then click ok.

9. Now you can go back to the ATTRIBUTES section of NBA 2K12 MY PLAYER MODE and you will see that you skill points raised up to 999999999 and then save. (note : just make sure you don’t close the CHEAT ENGINE yet if you want the cheat  to work)

10. Now that you have millions of skill points you can now upgrade your player attributes anytime you want and play the game.

Here’s the bonus guys!  you can also use this step if you ever want to raised you money in the game instead just change the code used above,

here’s the money code  :   0132006C

and just follow all the steps.

NOTE : IM NOT THE ONE WHO CREATED THIS SOFTWARE AND ALSO IM NOT SURE IF THIS SOFTWARE CAN WORKS IN ALL KINDS OF OPERATING SYSTEM. MINE IS WINDOWS 7 STARTER. And if you think that this software has some kind of a virus or it may harm your computer  then believe me it’s has nothing, it really works amazingly  in many games.


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  2. it works perfectly!

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