The Phantom Sixth Man ( Tetsuya Kuroko Of Kuroko No basket )

phantom sixth man kuroko

To someone here who is an avid  fan of Slamdunk series, I just want you to check out this manga series that I just discovered recently, the title of this series is "Kuroko no Basket" also known as Kuroko's Basketball. It's is a japanese manga series written by Tadatoshi Fujimaki, started on December 2008. It's about a high school basketball team trying to make it to nationals winter cup finals.

phantom sixth man kuroko

In the beginning of the series, the chapter will tell us about the basketball team of  Teikou Midde HighSchool who just easily wins all the basketball competition that they join. The five regulars on this team is became known as the "Generation Miracles" of japan because of their high level of skill and talent that they possessed in basketball. After graduating from middle school, these five genius star went to different high schools with top basketball teams. However, a fact and very few have known is that it should be actually six and not only just five member of Generation of Miracles.  This guy is also skilled and also a genius like them, he is the phantom sixth player  and his name is Tetsuya Kuroko. This five member of generation miracles respect Kuroko Tetsuya too much as well fear of  him. This mysterious player attends the Seirin Highschool and decided to beat all the member of Generation Miracles.

phantom sixth man kuroko

The funny think about Tetsuya Kuroko is that his just a short guy, not athletic and very weak to the point that every player of the other team who met him don't believe that he's actually a regular player of the team at first. This guy is sometimes called"Phantom" or "The Invisible Man"  because his presence is usually unnoticed most of the time who seems like he's almost invisible inside the game and that's characteristic he use makes him a very deadly opponent.

phantom sixth man kuroko

The truth about him is that he's actually a very smart player and a great passer who always lead his team to win every game. He's technique and style in basketball is called "misdirection Passes"  it means that he can disguise his intentions while passing  the ball, Kuroko utilizes this ability best by very quick passes, ensuring that his time on the ball is minimal. His unnoticeable personality and the way he moves makes his misdirection pass really effective to the point that every  people and his opponent think that he become invisible during the game. I can compare his style to nba player like Steve Nash because of the way he pass the ball. Actually his style is kinda weird that it seems like its impossible to do it in reality but anyway that's what makes the series really interesting.

What I like about Tetsuya Kuroko is the way he love the game of basketball so much  (just like me :) ) . He always  think that basketball is a team sport and believe that you can't win every game just on your own self. He believe that basketball is really fun to play when there is teamwork in it. Kuroko is a very unselfish player, a pass first type point guard, actually I still not seen him taking shootattempt so far in this series, all he did was just pure passing. Tetsuya was totally a genius and skilled player but he never really want to be known and be popular, he just always want to become a supporting actor. That also the reason why he was called " The Phantom Six Man".

"I am a supporting actor, a shadow, but a shadow will become darker if the light is stronger. and it will make the white of the light stand out and as the shadow of the main actor I will make you the light, the number one in japan." ~ Tetsuya Kuroko ~

I just hope this manga series will become more popular because it really has an interesting story, especially to those people who love basketball like me. So if you ever read this post please try this to read this series it's all about basketball again the title of this series is "Kuroko No Basket"


  1. Hi...! I'm a Kuroko no Basket fan as well and /very/ impressed that there's someone else who actively blogs about this awesome manga/anime and plays basketball as well! Of course, I just play it for fun (whereas you seem more hardcore? *laughs*), but uhhhh... yeah *high-five!* for liking the series! :D

  2. wow! that's great!that means you had good taste in anime! I just recently discover this series.. for me this is totally one of the top of my list! especially because I love to play basketball :D

  3. Hahaha, maybe? xD I started liking this series with the manga (which is noticeably more basketball-oriented, IMO), but I think the anime is AWESOME too! Also, it's really nice to see some male fans (my brother and basketball friend both like this series too..... but they don't blog about it ^^;).

    It's really cool that you like to play basketball! Though..... in terms of realism, I think Ahiru no Sora and Slam Dunk (and Fight no Akatsuki..... but that's a really unknown manga) are more realistic for basketball. But since Tadatoshi-sensei (the creator) played basketball himself, it's pretty awesome to see a manga drawn by and for basketball fans! :)

  4. Yeah! me too I began to read the series first in manga... wow! you also knew about slam dunk? that's means your truly basketball fan! your awesome! you really knew a lot about manga and basketball.. I think I need to friend with you :D and I've heard about aki no sora but not actually the fight no akatsuki... by the way are you a female?

  5. Yeah! I read a TON of manga in my spare time, so of course I would've read Slam Dunk! (I love them both, though they're definitely different. xD) OMG another fan that liked Kuroko no Basket back when it was a manga?! 8DDD

    Yes, we should be friends! I'll definitely be actively following your blog for KnB posts, and it's really nice (I'm not going to shut up about this) that you like KnB and! play! basketball! TBH, I had stopped playing for five years (I switched over to golf....) but because of the manga and the characters and the awesomeness and watching them play, I started playing again too! It's a lot of fun.

    Ah, yes, I'm a girl. ^^; Uhhh... I actually often "ship" (aka: pair the characters. In romantic ways.) with the other fans, but don't worry, I won't talk about that at all here!! I genuinely like both the sport and the manga, and I'm mainly just ecstatic that there's someone else who plays basketball! :D

  6. What? your a girl? wow that really shocked me! I barely even seen a girl playing basketball here in our country and you to liked basketball and manga like slam dunk and KNB! WOW!! NOW I'M SO MUCH TURN ON TO YOU <3 (by the way I'm from the Philippines and to be honest I actually not good in english so I hope you don't mind if you notice that my grammar is really bad hahah! :D) I wish many girls here like basketball and manga like the way you do :D hey may I know how old are you?

  7. Oh no! There's plenty of girls who play basketball where I am, at least. I play on weekends with my friends, and there are two other girls (the best player is still a guy though xD). And even in Kuroko no Basket, there's Alex, right? :D

    No, it's totally okay! Your blog entries are interesting enough by themselves......... I really hope you don't mind that I told my other friends about your blog because you're probably/definitely hear from them soon.......... ^^;

    I know a lot of girls who like basketball and manga! I actually wish there were more boys that liked the two .... *laughs*, but the ones who like manga either like action/adventure (Naruto) or hentai, both of which are fine, but pfff, not basketball. ;O

    I'm nineteen. Too old for you! xD But if you're still interested in being friends, I'd like that (because, again, another boy who likes Kuroko no Basket! This is too good an opportunity to pass up~!).

  8. WOW! I wish I could meet many girls who play basketball too but I dont think i can meet one here... So you remember ALex! the former WNBA player and the one who taught basketball to kagami and she is a chronic kisser;D I'm really so happy to meet you, If you just know how much I love basketball.. it's really basketball that makes my life enjoying hahah! hey so I'm older than you! im already 22! hey how good you play basketball? maybe your like Alex? hahah!

    I will be happy if you introduced my blog to your friends! im looking forward to that! thanks for that :) hey sorry for my late replies.. it's just that my connection is really bad..

  9. Hi!
    So, um, Dreamz linked me to your blog over here. It's so nice to see some KuroBasu fans talking about basketball! I think it's quite rare?

    Ah, well, if you don't mind, I have a lot of random questions to ask you? About the manga/anime, mainly, but a couple basketball ones too. <3

  10. Fffff. Oh Dreamz. I still find it hilarious how you and hex actually play basketball! Granted, now I like watching the sport, but still. You get so dirty! And you actually have to wear sneakers. *laughs* Put me in front of a computer anyday, please~

  11. One more thing:
    It should be "Phantom Sixth Man" -- regarding your title, that is. ^^

    It's really nice to see some Filipino fans! I'm American, personally, but I know some Japanese and Chinese................................... my Japanese is much much much worse than your English though, so you're definitely better than me! orz

  12. thank you so much for visiting my blog.. wow! now I met another KuroBasu Fans! this really excites me... if you want to ask me some question? feel free to ask, especially if it's about basketball and kuroko no basuke or Slam Dunk coz this two manga was really on the top of my list ohh! I forgot I love One Piece too :D

  13. Hahah! thanks for telling me, I really appreciate it, now I will change the title immediately.. i really hope I can improve my english soon coz I really have so much thing in my mind to post here especially about Kuroko no Basuke but it just my english is limited that's why I do only have more or less 25 posts here in my blog.. :D

  14. No worries! D:

    Uhmmm... but if you want to improve your english, then yes, blogging is definitely a good way to go about it! :)

  15. Long List of Random Questions:

    (sorry, if you're not comfortable answering any of these, just ignore them! They're the childish curiosities of a teenager. >____<'')

    1) What's your favorite match so far in the series?

    2) Do you think it's _possible_ to make an across-the-court basket?

    3) Is there a difference between types of shoes/basketballs + performance?

    4) You've seen Akashi, right? Feelings/thoughts? :D

    5) Have you seen the ending cards for the anime? If so, what did you think about the one with Kise lifting Kuroko up? (And, on that note, do you know that a LOT of the female fanbase - myself included, of course - _does_ enjoy pairing the characters up?)

    6) On question #5, do you care? (Sorry, a lot of girl!fans think that guys hatehatehate shipping and hate female!fans of sports manga..... and I am kind of curious on your thoughts.)

    7) Anything you _don't_ like about the manga? :D (Like, for me, it's the fact that during the Seirin v. Yousen match, Aomine [even though he's one of my favorites] gets SO MUCH FRIKKIN' SCREENTIME.)

    Sorry for the long list! OTL

  16. (Hi April~! Nice to see you're enjoying the blog, despite not playing basketball. xP)

    Woahhh~ you're older than me and you still read manga! That's so cool; I think I'll definitely be reading manga (and watching anime!) at age twenty-two as well. :D

    LOL, I seriously just found your blog while searching for Kuroko no Basket blogs on google -- so it must be pretty popular? xD Thank you for posting and adding to the fandom!

    On basketball: hahaha, naaah. My upper body is pathetic and I don't have enough stamina to be a good player. I'm mostly support (I like steals! ... totally tried [and failed] to do Kuroko's across-the-court pass, just for fun), although I can make 2-pointers pretty easily (my release is too slow on the 3-pointers to actually count..... and my aim is terrible because the hoop's too far then).

    What about you?

    But, the most important thing is that it's fun! <3 I think I'm pretty terrible (especially when compared to my male basketball-playing friends), but it's a lot of fun, and really easy to get other people play. :D

  17. Ohh! some of your question are a bit tough for me but okay I will try to answer all of this for you :D

    1. So far my favorite match in the series was the second match of Seirin and Too high.. The match when Kagami first enters the zone mode!! for me this match is really insane.. but I'm looking forward to see the match of Seirin and Rakuzan! that damn Akashi! he look so scary! I can't wait to see him play..

    2. Do you mean the across the court shot? I think it's possible but not the way Midoricchi do it so easily! :D

    3. I'm sorry I really can't understand this question just like I said my english is just so limited hahah! :D

    4. Yeah i've already seen Akashi,, for me this guy is really the most intriguing character in the series.. the fact that he is the Captain of Generation of Miracles eventhough he's just a little guy like Kuroko, damn he must be very skilled point guard like tetsu or maybe even better .. I've also heard that he is first one who discovered kuroko's talent.. and his personality is kinda creepy I really can't wait to see him in action! :D and I notice i think he looks like Sasori in Naruto..

    5. Shipping/pairing?? is it like Yaoi or Yuri pairing?? I've also heard it from Dreamz.. If your asking me if I hate it.. then no not at all.. but I can say that i'm not into guy to guy pairing hahah obviously because I'm a guy :D but if it's a girl to girl pairing then for me that was kinda hot LOL! :D and hey I don't think every guy hate a girl when they're into sport manga.. coz for me it's a big turn on :)

    7. So far I don't see anything wrong about the manga.. I really like everything about Kuroko no Basuke :D

  18. @Dreamz - yeah im already 22 and im still going to read manga as long as I have time for it :)

    LOL! I don't think my blog is popular enough.. but I'm lucky that google brought you here <3 (a big thanks to google! :D)

    Me too I really don't have much stamina.... and I can say that im so bad in defence.. and I'm not also a good long range shooter not like midoricchi.. but i think you can rely on me on passing lol! :D

    BUt I believe it doesn't matter even if we're terrible at playing basketball coz for me the important thing is that we're having fun while playing it.. just like tetsu believes in.. hahah :D


    Hello and welcome to the community!!! <3 Like I said previously, it's awesome to have you there with us (though you can be certain that we'll keep an eye out for your blog as well ~ ) and good job on finding it! (Question! How /did/ you find it? :D)

    LOL, I'm pretty sure you still have better long-range shots than me. But yeah, it's nice to see other people who play basketball for the fun of it because, well, it's really fun! xD

  20. HELLO, this anime is relly awesome, the players are totally cool and i want every one to watch it tooo!!!haha!!LOLZ

  21. when I start to watched it on the t.v I have more interested in basketball , I think we have some similarities I'm weak at shooting but good at passing of ball , now its have an replay now im at episode 11 in t.v I hope that this community will be famus .