Simple Steps to treat Sprain Ankle and Jammed Finger

We all know that basketball is totally a physical and  a very fast pace sport invented. Because of that it also make this sport very prone to different kind of injuries. The two most common injuries in basketball are sprain ankle and jammed fingers.
Here in this post, I just want to share a simple steps on how we can easily  treat and increase the time of recovery for this two most common injuries in basketball :

  • Protect  -  We need to protect the injured area by making sure that  we make it steady by using a brace. It is more effective in jammed finger injuries.

  • Rest – Of course this is important, we really need to rest the injured area to not worsen our injury.

  • Ice – We must put an ice to the injured area to prevent or lessen the swelling and pain. Think is the key factor for us to really treat our injuries because ice acts an analgesic or pain reliever. It is better if we put an ice to our injured area once in an hour for 15 minutes and decrease the ice-intervals as time goes by.

  • Compression – You should also wrap your injured area by using ace wrap or bandage physically for us to limit the amount of swelling that may occur.

  • Elevate – By elevating our injuries can helps us control the swelling because the gravity can limit and lessen the amount of fluid that goes to our injured area.

This are the simple steps for us to easily treat and recovered to our injuries. If we got injured by playing basketball or any other sport just always think about the word P.R.I.C.E which is Protect, Rest, Ice and Elevate. Also we should always remember that if the injuries still get worsen or suffer for much pain we must see a doctor immediately.

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  1. Based on what you have said here, it sounds like you have sprained that ankle! Bad sprains do not necessarily swell right away, but can still be quite painful due to the damaged ligament or ligaments. You have probably started to see some swelling and discoloration by now.
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