USA Basketball Dream Team Defeated Spain To Win The Gold Medal

usa dream team 2012

The 2012 USA Dream Team composed of  Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, James Harden, Tyson Chandler, Andrei Iguodala and the rookie Anthony Davis finally get there gold medal in London Olympics after defeating their final obstacles in the tournament which is  the Spain which is also their former opponent in the last Beijing Olympics.

 usa dream team 2012

They defeated the Spain in a score of 107 – 100 led by NBA last season’s Scoring Champion Kevin Durant who scored 30 points while LeBron James trailed 19 points and Kobe Bryant added 17 points. The Spain really give the USA Dream Team a tough match led by Pau Gasol who scored 24 points while the three-point specialist Juan Carlos Navarro scored 21 points and Rudy Fernandez added 14. The USA team won the tournament undefeated just like they did in 2008 Olympics.

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