buzzer beater

Buzzer beater is the second manga series created by the Takehiko Inoue the one who also created  the most popular basketball manga series in 90’s Slam Dunk. Buzzer Beater story centers around a basketball team from earth assembled to join the Intergalactic Basketball Competition.

buzzer beater

The main character of this series is Hideyoshi Tanaka, very cocky 14 year old boy and also an street orphan who survived on the streets by playing with adult basketball players with his phenomenal skills. He was selected to the Earth All-Star team because of his superhuman jumping ability and  speed. Later in the series Hideyoshi suddenly feel great pain in his head or great migraines during practice or in games. It was later revealed by DT that he is growing horns because he is a half-Goran taken from the symptoms just like DT. Hideyoshi wears a wristband made of unique elastic material found only on the planet Goru, the sole memento from his unknown parents.

 buzzer beater chachi

The teenage granddaughter of the team's creator, Yoshimune. Cha-che wanted nothing more than pleasing his grandfather and making his long-term dream come true: lead a complete team of Earthlings that will eventually conquer the Intergalactic League. She challenged Maru to a shooting match in order to join the team, where she sank a half-court shot. She is an extremely good sharpshooter who sank 2 10-point baskets early in the game against the Swallows, the first team they faced. In the anime, her shooting skills was the basis of a comeback which allowed her team to triumph over the Smoky Kings.

 buzzer beater dt

DT is Earth's best point guard, with speed and mind numbing play. "DT" is a nickname that he gave himself, referring to his ability to put his opponents and teammates into a state of "dream time" when he plays. He has a friendly rivalry with Hideyoshi, similar to that between Sakuragi and Rukawa from Slam Dunk. DT is a former Goran, but broke off his horns when they began to manifest themselves when he was a teenager, and thus wears his trademark skull cap to hide the scars. He’s my most favorite charater of this series because he reminds me of Eiji Sawakita of Slam Dunk series.

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  1. If it's anything like Slam Dunk, I think this manga would be great. :D