Team To Beat! The Upcoming NBA 2012 - 2013 season!

The next NBA season is coming!! I really can't wait to watch it as I see that lots of team really make a big change in their roster for them to prepare for this upcoming year. So which team do think will dominate? And what team do you think will stay at the top and remain victorious?

I know there are lot’s of NBA team that really has a big potential to win the crown this next season like Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs or Boston Celtics and others but anyway…

Here's my top 3 team! that i predict to surely dominate this next season!

ray allen rashard lewis lebron wade

1. Miami Heat

I’m sure most of us still not forget how great performance they showed to us this last season. Especially LeBron James who just played like a beast from beginning up to the end game of the championship finals. I'm sure LeBron will always stay like a beast as long he stay healthy throughout the season. Added to the fact that there are two new faces in their line up which is Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, I just hope this new roster will turn out good for them. But anyway for me as long as there are Dwayne Wade and LeBron James in their line up, expect them to be one of the top contender's list to win the crown.

nash howard kobe

2. Los Angeles Lakers

You just see the picture above right? what can you say about this starting five?  If ever you don’t  know, Steve Nash is just a Two-Time Season’s MVP and Eight Time NBA All Star while Dwight Howard a Three-Time Defensive Player of Year and Sixth-Time NBA All Star. There are of talks about this newly build line up, some say that Steve Nash is getting older and Dwight may not be that healthy compare to his past self, some also say that they may not going to click to each other especially because of Kobe’s selfish style of game. But I don’t think so, I’m sure Mike Brown will try his best to find ways for this big starting five to maximize their full potential as a team, so expect Lakers to be a real deal this next season.

durant westbrook harden ibaka

3. Oklahoma City Thunder

There is no doubt! that this very young team make it to my top three that will dominate this next season. Come on! we just saw how tough and strong they really are as they survive the western conference by beating all those all time favorite team that most people are rooting to win like Lakers and Spurs. And I’m very sure that this team will seek vengeance for their lost in the finals against the Miami Heat. I also expect Kevin Durant to be much hungry to win his first ring while having Russell Westbrook and James Harden on his side! together  with the defensive force of Serge Ibaka, Taboo Sefalosha and Kendrick Perkins. I must say that this young team is totally not a joke!


  1. Oklahoma play well but when NBA Finals comes, the more experienced team wins.

  2. If Oklahoma gets past the Lakers then I think they have a shot at beating the heats.

  3. I think you forgot to put Brooklyn Nets... i think they're one of the best team :) on this season

  4. Nah, Lakers aren't going to be top contenders this season. The way they lose games are plain embarrassing and it looks like there's some locker room troubles as well, what with Bryant pressuring Gasol to perform and adjust.

  5. I'm an avid fan of Miami ever since. Go Wade and Lebron! :-)

  6. Ok. Oklahoma is really a good team...They have to put objectives on the table and try to play as professional onal basketball players..Expectations are very good and we would like to see a great season ......The idea of experienced players and talented is to demonstrate that you can go far away.

  7. They are great team, this season will bring good emotions and great games! Visit us