Protection Support Gear For Athlete

We all know that most high level sport activity like basketball requires a lot of physical movements in a very fast pace motion that’s why there is always a big potential for us to acquire any injury while playing any sport. Injuries are very common for every athletes. No matter how careful and cautious you are in the game, you will never know when will it happen. That’s the reason why protection support gear is created, they are design to at least give athletes protection in any specific injuries that they may face, It’s also helps and support their specific body part that needed support to lessen the percentage of injuries that they may face.

Here’s the three of the most common protection gear that most athlete use to protect themselves.

knee support braces
  • Knee Support – knee support or knee braces are one of the most common protection gear that you will see being used by athletes. I can say that our knee are totally one of most prone body part to get injure, especially in a high level sport like football, soccer or even basketball. This kind of sports really requires our lower body part to use its full capacity in every game and there is always a huge risk that our knees may get injure with this kind of sports . That’s why it’s really important to use proper knee support or braces because it can really help us to minimize the risk of sustaining a knee injury.

 ankle support
  • Ankle Support – This one is my favorite gear. I really have a very weak ankle and I easily get my ankle sprain a lot of times while playing basketball that’s why I really use ankle support. I must say that this one is really important especially to someone who has a weak ankle like me. You can also use it if you still has an injured or swollen ankle but still wanted to play. Ankle support can give your ankle compression, protect and it can make your ankle stand firm for faster recovery in case you still has an ankle injury. 

  back support
  • Back Support – Another part of the body that usually suffer after playing high level sport is our back or spine. Even me myself usually suffer from this lower back pain even though I’m still young. Most people I know who’s into sport usually wear back support gear especially someone in the age of 30 and above. It’s really important and advisable to use any back support if ever we suffer or experience pain in our back but still wanted to play to avoid severe injury that may happen.

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