Finally the complete list of 2013 NBA  All Star Roster of Eastern and Western Conference have been revealed. Unlike before when we can obviously expected who’s player will be in this list, This year’s roster is quite a bit unexpected for me.

Here’s the Roster List of 2013 NBA ALL STAR

Eastern Conference Starters

Starting Five

Rajon Rondo – G - Boston Celtics
Dwyane Wade – G - Miami Heat
LeBron James – F - Miami  Heat
Carmelo Anthony - F - New York Knicks
Kevin Garnett Boston – C - Boston Celtics

Jrue Holiday - G - Philadelphia 76ers
Kyrie Irving - G - Cleveland Cavaliers
Chris Bosh - F - Miami Heat
Paul George - F - Indiana Pacers
Luol Deng  - F - Chicago Bulls
Tyson Chandler – C - New York Knicks
Joakim Noah – C - Chicago Bulls

Western Conference Starters

Starting Five

Chris Paul – G - Los Angeles Clippers
Kobe Bryant - G – Los Angeles Lakers
Kevin Durant - F – Oklahoma City Thunder
Blake Griffin - F – Los Angeles Clippers
Dwight Howard - C – Los Angeles Lakers

Tony Parker – G – San Antonio Spurs
Russell Westbrook – G – Oklahoma City Thunder
James Harden – G – Houston Rockets
Tim Duncan – F – San Antonio Spurs
Zach Randolph – F – Memphis Grizzlies
LaMarcus Aldridge – F Portland Trail Blazers
David Lee – F – Golden State Warriors

Obviously it is a very solid line up for each team and you can’t just easily tell who’s team has an edge or advantage to win. What I just don’t agree in this list is that there are some player whom I think more deserving and should be really in this list of all star, compare to some player listed here. One of them is Brook Lopes of New Jersey Nets whom I think the best center right now in this season, just look at his stats right now and the way he play, he’s totally an all star caliber. Another one whom  I believe deserves to be in the all star game too is  Stephen Curry.  He’s one of the best scoring point guard right now. Anyway It’s just my opinion though it’s not the list that I’m expecting, this roster team  will still surely going be exciting! Damn I really can’t wait for this all star showdown!

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