Who’s Got The Best Fadeaway Move In Nba?

Let’s talk about fadeaway move in basketball. If you don’t know it yet, fadeaway is a kind of jump shot in basketball, doing it while jumping backward to avoid your defenders in blocking  your shot.. It’s one of the most used technique in basketball, but also one of the most hardest to do and probably not everyone can do this move. This technique is mostly use in one on one situation. A lot of great names in NBA today are very well known in this move like Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Garnett, Kevin Durant, Dwayne Wade and of course Kobe Bryant.

There is always lot of talk and debate especially in many basketball forum of who’s really got the best and most deadliest fadeaway in nba? and when  this question are being ask? only two people are usually being talk in the list. That is Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, I’m sure everyone will agree to this especially if you’re really solid fan of NBA. Most people say that Kobe Bryant copied most of the best moves of Michael Jordan especially the fadeaway. Just watch it in YouTube and you’ll see why they said that because their shooting form and the way they shoot really looking the same, but I don’t believe it though,  I’m always a big fan of Kobe and  I always believe that he has his own style that no one can top.

For me there’s no doubt, Kobe Bryant really has best and most deadliest fadeaway move of all time not just in nba but in the whole world. Just watch the video of Kobe below and you’ll realize it in your own. Actually I just stumbled on this video on YouTube a while ago. So please watch it and hope you’ll enjoy.

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