Infographic Of The Tallest And Smallest Basketball Players In The NBA History

Basketball is no doubt one of the world's most famous sports. Professional basketball players are considered as famous celebrities much more if they are playing with great skills and intensity. Aside from the talent, basketball players are sometimes getting famous because of their height (small or big) and how it affects their play at the basketball court.

At the NBA, you will notice and see lots of players with towering height and might. They play the center position and often times they handle the rebounding and defensive department. The offense is there but the main thing for them is protecting the board and the basket. This is what Manute Bol, a 7'7 baller, did during his pro career at the NBA league.

If there are giants, there are also basketball players who played in the NBA whose height are below 5'7. Can't believe it? You must! Who can forget the skills and guts of Muggsy Bogues who stand's at 5'3 but lasted for 14 years in the NBA league. With that height, if he ain't skilled enough, he won't even finish a season playing for the teams he landed in.

Aside from Muggsy and Manute, there are many more basketball players with notable height that plays in the NBA with such guts and pride. Check out the infographic below brought to us by Fantasy Basketball MoneyLeagues to know some of tallest/smallest players, the last team they played with and their respective heights.

Tallest And Shortest NBA Players

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  1. At least now I know that Gheorghe Muresan is the Tallest and Muggsy is the smallest in NBA. :) thanks for this infographic.