Kevin Love and Andrew Wiggins Trade Talk, Will It Really Going To Happen?

kevin love andrew wiggins

NBA trade humor spread all over the news about Cleaveland Cavalier's newly acquired no.1 draft pick Andrew Wiggins now at trade talks for Minessota Timberwolves All Star forward Kevin Love. At first, Cavs told sources that they don't have any plans to trade their young prodigy, Andrew Wiggins. But a sudden change of air in the decision, when Lebron James decided to comeback to his home team. Lebron expressed an interest that he wants Kevin Love to help him win his first ring in his home team.

Recently, league sources told ESPN that the Cavs are now offering no.1 pick Andrew Wiggins, last year's no.1 pick Anthony Bennett together with their future first rounder pick to Kevin Love. If this trade humor comes into reality, then another big three ( Lebron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love) will surely awaits for the Cavs Franchise team which will definitely be a huge combo if ever their game get to click with each other. But if we think of this carefully, this trade is actually a hard decision to make for both teams. As we talk about an already proven all-star caliber forward, Kevin Love, who clearly showed amazing stats in his career versus a young prodigy, Andrew Wiggins, who has the possibility to become a huge superstar just like Lebron James or Kevin Durant.

Do you think Kevin Love and Andrew Wiggins trade make sense? Which team do you think will be the winner of this said trade if it were to happen?

I must say that the next NBA season will definitely have a lot of changes just like what happen this post free agency season. For now, let's see what will happen next in this huge trade humor. 

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