Miami Heat Moves On After Losing Lebron James

Not so long ago the Miami Heat loses a big superstar in the league Lebron James, as he goes back to his old hometown team Cleaveland Cavaliers. Despite of the big loss, Miami Heat moves on and try to rebuild their team as they closed the deal to add an elite veteran forward Luol Deng, Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger in their roster next season and resign their former main man Dwyane Wade together with Chris Bosh who agreed to sign five year max deal and Mario Chalmers who also agreed to resign for 2 year contract

lebron james dwyane wade
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Still stunned from losing Lebron James who help their team to four consecutive championship and won two titles from it. The Miami Heat Franchise accepted the new challenge to rebuild their team to compete and prove they are still a championship team without Lebron James.

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