Brandon Jennings : Kobe Bryant Is Real The Goat!

As an nba fanatic I'm sure most of you guys always wonder and fight who really is the best and greatest NBA player of all time among Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Of course, most people specially those one who has been a fan of nba since 1980's will still claimed that Michael Jordan is the GOAT while the younger one of this generation who never been watch MJ play will surely choose Kobe over Him.

I think having to listen to different peoples opinion is really fun and sometimes a bit annoying because some may talk nonsense with a very shallow point about the other sides. I'm pretty sure this debate about who's the real G.O.A.T  won't be gone for a long time.

One big example of this is Brandon Jennings who just recently shared his thought on his twitter account about who's the real GOAT in NBA. If you don't know him, Jennings is veteran nba star caliber point guard who is also a big fan of Kobe Bryant.

Here's what's Brandon shared on his twitter :

Do you guys have the same opinion about who's the greatest of all time just like Brandon Jennings? What can you say about this thought, do you really think KOBE is the real GOAT? :)

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