Fun Pickup Basketball Video : Which One Are You?

Do you play pickup basketball or better say street basketball? If yes! then I'm sure! you'll definitely relate and smile when you watch this video from youtube titled "Stereotypes : Pickup Basketball". This is from popular youtube channel, Dude Perfect.

Are you in this list? Is there a friend or someone that comes to your mind when you are watching this? I'm pretty sure you've met one the guy in this list on pickup basketball.

  • Mr. Excuses
  • The Football Player
  • The My Bad Guy
  • Mr. Accessory
  • The Look Can Be Deceiving Guy
  • The Dad + Kid
  • The Player Coach
  • The Rage Monster
  • The Old Guy
  • Mr. Shoud've Made The League
  • Mr. Freeze
  • The Imaginary Dunker
  • The Lose-Lose Guy
  • The Foul Guy
  • The Pants Guy
  • The Tall Guy That Only Shoot 3's
  • The MISSES all game but banks in a 3 FOR THE WIN guy

Dude Perfect is an awesome popular channel on youtube about a five guy and panda, who creates their own comedy sports video.You can watch more of their funny and awesome sports videos here :

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