NBA Season 2014 - 2015 : Which Team Will Dominate?

Can't wait for the next upcoming nba season 2014-2015? As the season will begin on Tuesday, October 28, 2014., I'm sure most of you who is a big fan of NBA like me is excited to see our favorite team play. I think that the last year playoff series is a little bit predictable. But now I guess now will be a much different story as most team build up a newly interesting roster in their lineup. Do you think the Spurs will still dominate this year and win their back to back championship? Can we still able watch again the Miami Heat At San Antonio Spurs trilogy championship match even without lebron? Or it will be the time for Thunder, Bulls, Dallas, Rockets to take over the crown this time? 

Here's my own top 3 picks to win the title this year!!

cleveland lebron

Cleveland Cavaliers - As we all know, Lebron James is now back to his real home team and together with his new all star caliber teammates Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.  Cleveland is definitely a newly born team that can surely be a championship contender probably because King James is in their hands now.

spurs san antonio

San Antonio Spurs - Lots of team try their best to build up their new roster up until now but San Antonio Spurs seems like don't need it. I'm sure they are ready to defend their crown as the defending champion who massacred the Miami Heat last championship finals with their superb defense and unmatched team effort lead by Tim Duncan and finals MVP Kawhi Leonard. San Antonio Spurs is probably still be the TOP PICKS for most people to win the title again.

dallas mavs

Dallas Mavericks - If you've watch the whole playoff series of San Antonio Spurs last time. Dallas Mavericks is actually the only team who push the San Antonio Spurs to the limit as they forced the series into Game 7 but still lost. This time Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis now has Chandler Parson and Raymond Felton in their side. Together with the newly comeback Jameer Nelson and Tyson Chandler who help the Mavs before to win their last title. I guess most of you surely won't underestimate this team now

NBA Competition is really getting high! as every team is getting ready for the next showdown! So which team is your bet now to be on the top? Please comment you answer 

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