List of All Kobe Bryant Signature Shoes

Kobe Bryant also known as the Black Mamba is a living legend which will surely be consider as one of the greatest NBA player of all time while declared only second GOAT ( greatest of all time ) next to Michael Jordan by most people. As a huge fan of Kobe Bryant, I really consider him as the most talented, competitive, hardworking and passionate guy in the history of basketball and should definitely deserve praise and respect for how he bring the game to the next level and inspired most people to play basketball.

Coming off from high school to NBA stardom, Kobe has played for the Lakers for his entire career! And now going in his 9th season, Kobe despite injuries and age is yet to end his career as he continually hang in to play his remaining years in NBA.

We all know that Los Angeles Lakers struggled from playing at NBA championship title in this past 4 years and if this championship drought continues together with his current health and age then it may be a turning point for him to consider retirement any days from now. If that happen then NBA will surely never be the same!! so better watch him and appreciate this guy greatness and superb competitive spirit while he's still playing.

To commemorate his greatness, here's list of all Kobe Bryant signature shoes from his entire career in NBA. 

Adidas EQT Elevation kobe shoes

Adidas EQT Elevation: 1996-97

Adidas KB8 kobe shoes

Adidas KB8: 1997-98

Adidas KB8 II kobe

Adidas KB8 II: 1998-99

Adidas KB8 III 3 kobe

Adidas KB8 III: 1999-00

Adidas THE KOBE shoes

Adidas THE KOBE: 2000-01

Adidas KOBE TWO bryant

Adidas KOBE TWO: 2001-02

Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K4 kobe bryant

Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K4: 2003-04

bryant kobe Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K5

Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K5: 2004-05

Nike Zoom Kobe I 1 bryant

Nike Zoom Kobe I: 2005-06

Nike Zoom Kobe III 3

Nike Zoom Kobe III: 2007-08

Nike Zoom Kobe IV 4

Nike Zoom Kobe IV: 2008-09

Nike Zoom Kobe V 5

Nike Zoom Kobe V: 2009-10

Nike Zoom Kobe VI 6

Nike Zoom Kobe VI: 2010-11

Nike Zoom Kobe VII 7

Nike Zoom Kobe VII: 2011-12

Nike Zoom Kobe VIII 8

Nike Zoom Kobe VIII: 2012-13

Nike Kobe IX 9

Nike Kobe 9: 2013-14 (Official Release 2/8/14)

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