How To Do A Sick Euro Step Move In Basketball

Do you always play basketball? We all know that basketball is a very competitive sport and you can't just easily excel in it unless you work hard! Playing basketball isn't just about dribbling the ball and then just shoot it! because there is always a good defender that will surely stop you to shoot and prevent you from scoring to the basket. Anyway that's what makes playing basketball much fun right? If you want to excel and pursue basketball then you must also learn a lot of sick skill to do so. Skills like killer crossover, fadeaway, step back jumper, sham god dribble and lot more.

There are many tricks or skills to learn in basketball and one of it is called Euro Step Move.

Euro Step is an offensive trick that the players use while attacking the rim using sudden changes in direction dynamically charging to the basket. While dribbling, the player will have to step on one direction then step into another direction to escape defenders so that he can easily take the shot. This move also known as a "Side Step". 

This move is also another way to shoot the ball having to avoid any charge from your defenders. Famous NBA star  like Manu Ginobili, James Harden, Rajon Rondo and also, Dwyane Wade are only few of the best who use this sick euro step move.
Steps in doing a Euro step:

1. Dribble the ball towards the basket with your preferred hand. As your charging to you defender, plan your right foot and pick the ball upwards.

2. Step sideways with your left foot and cradle the ball or bring it under or over the defender's hands.

3. Jump with your left foot and shoot the ball with lay up, floater, dunk or leaner.

Here's a videos that will teach you how to do an effective Euro Step Move in basketball :

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