Rajon Rondo Quotes

"I'm a point guard, so I want to see everybody else score and be happy. I don't necessarily need to score at all. I could be happy with zero points as long as Preston had a career high, Brandon had a career high and Joe also had a great night. It was a team game and everybody contributed."  ~ Rajon Rondo ~

"Coach showed he believed in me. So I had to believe in myself."  ~ Rajon Rondo ~

“When you lose, nobody likes it and you start turning on each other.”  ~ Rajon Rondo ~

“I want the ball in my hands at the end of the game. I want to make something happen.”  ~ Rajon Rondo ~

"He was crowding me. I think that's the wrong way to play me. Not to be  cocky."  ~ Rajon Rondo ~

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