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To someone who don't know anything about this anime or manga series but you're an avid fan of basketball and anime. I really highly recommend this series for you, it's a manga series written by Takehiko Inoue it's about a basketball team from shohoku high school. It was serialized from japan from 1990 to 1996 and had also been adapted into an anime series. It's very popular in japan and many other asian countries as well as europe.


The series centers around the life of the main character named Hanamichi Sakuragi. He's a deliquent young high school student who is good for nothing other than fighting. Sakuragi is a hopeless romantic guy who already got rejected 50th times by every girl. He then met Haruko Akagi whom he fell in love with immediately. Haruko is the one who encouraged Sakuragi to join the basketball team. On that team Sakuragi met his team captain Takenori akagi who is also the older brother of haruko and kaede rukawa  a very popular and talented player and also a freshman like sakuragi whom he really think as his greatest rival in basketball and for the love of Haruko, later in the series he also met his other great teammate ryota miyagi a very fast and skilled point guard and Hisashi Mitsui a former mvp and a great three point specialist.

There so many great things about this series because it's really full of fun and epic moments. It's imposible for you to not even make a single laugh just by seeing this series, Especially Hanamichi Sakuragi who always think and very proud that his a great Basketball Genius but actually at first he's only a beginner who know nothing about basketball and almost every people in this series called him an idiot! :D

But the most exciting part about this series is the way how Hanamichi Sakuragi grow as a great player little by little because of his hard work and his endless determination. This series is definitely inspiring, it's all about friendship, hardwork, dream, team work, leadership and many more. It is also one of the reason I got more addicted into basketball. I hope you try this series because for me it's really one of the best series i've ever seen. :)

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