Ryota Kise : The Copy Cat

ryora kise

Here’s my latest character review of one of my favorite basketball manga/anime series titled “Kuroko no Basket”

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Ryota Kise a.k.a The Copy Cat was one of the five member of Generation of Miracles. He was the first member of generation of miracles who introduced and appeared in the series. The reason why he got interested in playing basketball is because of Aomine Daiki. He plays at Kaijo High, the first team Kuroko and Kagami faced as a teammate.

ryota kise

He was very well known in the series because of his copying abilities. His great talent and ability to copy a move or technique and make it his own just by seeing it the first time is totally fantastic. He doesn’t just copy the technique but also enhance it with more speed and power. His copying abilities was firstly seen when kagami first met him and kise easily copied his move as you’ve seen in the gif image above. He can even copy some of Aomine’s impossible and formless shot. He’s definitely a genius that’s why there’s no surprise that he’s one of the five member of generation of miracles.

ryota kise

He’s really one of my favorite characters in the series because of his funny personalities and his copying abilities. Kise also has a nice personalities, he always tries to be friend with anyone even to someone like Shintaro Midorima he’s fellow member of generation of miracles who is always serious and reserved. He also likes Tetsuya Kuroko so much and really admired kuroko’s talent in basketball. He even try to asked kuroko to be in his school and be his teammate and told kuroko that he will just wasting his talent if he will just going to play in Seirin High but Kuroko refused. Kise can also be very serious and determined in the game especially if he’s facing his rival, just like when they played against Aomine’s team. Kise thinks Aomine as his greatest rival, the fact that Aomine Daiki is the only player who beaten him in one on one a lot of times makes him feel more interested in playing basketball something that he never feel while playing in other sport that he’s also good at.

By reading this post I hope you do get to know a little bit about Ryota Kise of Kuroko no Basket. I really highly recommend this series to people who likes anime and love to play basketball, If you start to read or watch this series I know you'll like it for sure.


  1. I totally approve of these character reviews! <3 It's always nice to hear/see other fan's opinions and pffff... although Kuroko's my favorite character, Aomine and Kise are very awesome in their own right.

  2. Thanks! I'm so glad to know that you're also a fan of this series.. me too tetsuya Kuroko is also my most favorite character in the series.. :D

  3. Why? Are there not a lot of fans where you live? (Ahahah, I generally interact with other fans online... though I know a couple in real life too, so I feel pretty lucky.)

    Also, you don't mind if I link to your site, right? I have a couple friends from fandom (Kuroko no Basuke, of course!) who might be interested in your more basketball-oriented blog entries. :)

  4. I live in the Philippines! Slam Dunk is totally popular here in our country but I hope KNB will become popular too..

    great! so you kneww many online fans that is your friend! I hope to meet them too.. hey I will be so glad if you link my site to your friends! I'm very eager to meet a fan of Kuroko no Basuke like me! that would be so cool! :D

  5. ooh~ what /kind/ of KuroBasu fans are you interested in meeting? Like... what kind of conversation/topics are you looking to have?

  6. if it's about manga or basketball then that would be great... I'm very willing to meet anyone and gain friends online much more if your KuroBasu fans :D

  7. Ooh. :D

    Sooo..... how far along are you with the manga? It looks like you're pretty far ahead (since you know Alex exists and all). We're (all the people at the community....... ah, it looks like Dreamz hasn't told you yet? [we're both members at this livejournal community for Kuroko no Basket~ <3 But...... it's kind of seriously filled with girls, like me, who like the story and the characters more than the basketball. xD *guilty*]) all at the latest chapter.... Q167.

    So make sure to tell me if you don't want me asking you spoiler!questions....!

    Nice to meet you too! *bows* I'm April. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't play b-ball sorry. orz