Shintaro Midorima

Here I go again writing a blog post about one of the character of Kuroko no Basket but I can’t help myself because this basketball manga series is totally a insane! that's why so you can’t blame me for being so addicted to this series.

shintaro midorima

I make this post because I want to introduce to you an another bad-ass character of Kuroko no Basket his name is Shintaro Midorima. Midorima is one of the five member of Generation of Miracles and currently playing at Shutoku High. He was the second member of generation of miracles to show in the series next to Ryota Kise.

shintaro midorima

Talking about his abilities in basketball I must say that this guy long range shooting skill is definitely insane! He’s a lefty (lol! just like me) and if you ask me about his long range skill you must also need to ask me how long or how far?? because this guy can just shoot the ball on the other side of court so easily. He's a great three point specialist and can shoot anywhere and he shoot the ball so high that it takes a time for the ball to reach the basket so that he can have a plenty of time to get back on defense so that he can easily stop and cover the fastbreaks and counter-attacks of the opponent. But that’s not his only strength because his also great at defense, very fast, strong and a very smart player no wonder why he’s one of the member of Generation of Miracles. He’s so good in faking a shot also known as pump fake. This guy rarely miss a shot and I actually only seen him missed one or two times in the series.

Midorima is a very serious person who didn’t like to make joking around to other people. What makes him funny for me is that he is so possessed of zodiac-signs and horoscopes who totally believe in it to the point that he even always carry a lucky item everywhere he goes especially if there is a game. Compare to Ryota Kise, Midorima can’t stand Kuroko so much unlike Kise who obviously like him. It is because Midorima still acknowledge Kuroko’s skill in basketball despite of his lack of physical capabilities which makes kuroko weak. He also thinks that kuroko is stupid because he chose to play for Seirin who can even use his full ability as a player. Later on in the series Midorima change his way of playing and became an unselfish player who began playing as a team and started to enjoy basketball compare to the past which he was very prideful, serious and never relied on his teammate.

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