NBA Legends

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan - NBA career From 1983- 2003

His competitiveness was legendary. His ability to take clutch shots from anywhere on the floor and his unbelievable scoring and jumping ability made Michael Jordan the most unstoppable figure and most popular player in NBA history.

Magic johnson
Magic Johnson "Magic" - NBA career From 1979-1996

A 6'9 point guard who had the ability to play any position. He was the one who popularized the no look passes also known as the magic passes. No player was greater at making the players arond him bettter. Magic Johnson reshaped the sport by bringing Showtime every time he play to the court.

larry bird

 Larry Bird "Larry Legend" - NBA career From 1979 -1992

One of the greatest clutch shooters in NBA history, his guile and determination led him to win three NBA titles.

julius erving

 Julius Erving "Dr. J" - NBA career From 1976-1987

Perhaps the most spectacular basketball player ever, Dr. J almost single-handedly revolutionized the game. His gravity-defying aerial assault on the rim dazzled fans and lit up the scoreboard.

karem abdul jabbar
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar "CAP" - NBA career From 1969-1989

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar scored more points than any other player in the league history, He won six NBA Championships, and collected a record of six regular season MVP Awards.

wilt chamberlain
Wilt Chamberlain "The Big Dipper" - NBA career From 1959-1973

Dominating the game as few players in any sport ever gave, Wilt was capable of scoring and rebounding at will. He accomplished one of the NBA's greatesr feats of all time, scoring 100 points in a single game.

hakeem olajuwon
Hakeem Olajuwon "The Dream" - NBA career From 1984-2002

With impeccable footwork on the low block and a silky-smooth jump shot, Olajuwon became one of the greatest centers ever to play the game. He was the epitome of power and grace on the court.

oscar robertson

 Oscar Robertson "Big O" - NBA career From 1960-1974

Oscar Robertson was the most unstoppable offensive force of his era. A player who could also pass, rebound and play tenacious defense, he remains the prototype of the modern "BIG" point guard.

isiah thomas

 Isiah Thomas "Zeke" - NBA career From 1981-1994

One of the grittiest performers ever to play point guard, Isiah Thomas relied on intelligence, courage, and work ethic to eclipse bigger, stronger opponents.

karl malone
Karl Malone "The Mailman" - NBA career From 1985-2004

His arrival revolutionized the power forward position. No player before him had ever possessed his combination of  size and speed. Malone was unquestionably the best pick-and-roll big man of all-time.

bill russell

 Bill Russell "Bill" - NBA career From 1956 -1969

As the score of the Celtics' Dynasty, Bill Russell dominated the paint with tenacious rebounding and intimidating shot-blocking. During his reign, Russell was was named NBA Most Valuable Player five times.

scottie pippen

 Scottie Pippen "Pip" - NBA career From 1987-2004

No player matched Pippen's ability to influence a game defensively. His combination of athleticism and defensive intensity made the bulls one of the best defensive teams of the era.

patrick ewing

 Patrick Ewing "Pat" - NBA career From 1985-2002

An offensive juggernaut, Ewing is regarded by many as the best shooting center of all-time. One of the basketball's most feared defenders, he averaged nearly three blocks a game at his peak.

jerry west
Jerry West "Mr. Clutch" - NBA career From 1960-1974

An excellent two-way player and spectacular scorer, West excelled the playoffs as one of the NBA's premier clutch performers.

john stockton

John Stockton "Stock" - NBA career From 1984-2003

In terms of purity as a point guard, no player was greater. Fast, gritty, and durable, nobody was the floor clearly as John Stockton does, and nobody recorded more career assists than him.


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  2. Ang daming lakers na magaling ah bakit kaya.

  3. I think it's the heart to win that creates a legend as some people with more skills end up losing their touch because their passion fades.

  4. I am really not a fan of basketball but I knew some of them.

  5. You'll know that they are indeed legends and ancient when you look at their jersey! Short shorts lol joke. I was crazy about basketball back in my elementary and high school days. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays were my happiest days of the week because of PBA.

  6. Wilt Chamberlain broke a backboard before after his dunk right? And Bill Rusell is a Morgan Freeman look alike!

  7. I can't stop noticing the short shorts haha. But surely, they made a solid imprint in the history of basketball the true meaning of being a legend.

  8. I'm no to fan of Basketball yet I'm familiar with the names since i grew up being the only girl in the family, Celtics! :D

  9. Great NBA players. Pistol Pete and Dave Cowens should be in the list.

  10. ah those were the days when stern wasn't around or was he?

  11. many people continue to be inspired by great athletes... so i think as long as they live a good life on and off court then they should be worth the admiration of many.

  12. My favorite NBA basketball player, the legend Michael Jordan said before that "some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. I believe him and saw these famous basketball players, made it happen!

  13. Michael Jordan is still the best basketball player bar none.

  14. These basketball players earned a lot of money. And girls gone nuts with them.

  15. I could still remember during my elementary days I had this Chicago Bulls shirts with MJ's number 23 at the back.. thanks for the list!

  16. Great compilation of men who were passionate about what they do! I hope we can emulate their positive qualities!

  17. These legends are largely responsible for the popularity of basketball.

  18. Awesome, in the future, I hope to see LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne wade and Jeremy Lin as new generation basketball legends...

  19. I'm not an avid fan; but I admire some of these NBA legends. Somehow, I'm familiar with them coz the hubby tells me a bunch of stories here and there.

  20. I know Jordan, Malone, and Pippen. Not much of a basketball fan here but my dad was a fan of Chicago Bulls and I used to watch their game on tv with my family when I was young. :)

  21. Wow basketball, the sports that I'd love to watch. I really adore these wonderful players who'd left great memories in this type of sports.