The Importance of Rebounding in Basketball

“The one who controls the rebound controls the game”

If you ever watch slam dunk anime series until the end then I'm sure already knew the meaning of that quote. If you don't know or you just forgot, It’s the quotable quotes that Takenori Akagi gave to Hanamichi Sakuragi for him to think that rebound is an important part of basketball and it's very crucial for a team to win games. This quote really helps Sakuragi to realized that his rebounding skill can be the main key for them to win. But let’s get back to reality in playing basketball, does rebounding really one of the most important thing in basketball? If your still new in playing basketball then here are the reasons that I just read and learned in my basketball experience about why rebounding serves an important role in winning basketball games.

  • Being good in rebounding the ball can give your team more opportunities to shoot while you also able to lessen your opposing team to score. Because being skilled in rebound can give your team more possessions in the ball which means a more chance for your team to score.

  • Being skilled in rebounding can help improve your team’s scoring percentage, Just like an offensive rebound are a put-backs score from a close in. Also getting fast defensive rebounds with the help of great pass can lead your team in a fast break opportunity to score. This really makes your team improve and get better in scoring percentage.

  • Great rebounding can give your team lots of free throw opportunity because it will make the other team get trouble inside the feint area especially if your good team are good at boxing out, which will make them really frustrated to get the ball and will cause them to make a loose ball foul.
  • Rebounding skill is actually a combination of offense and defense and can totally lead you to win basketball games.

Rebound is totally a big part of basketball. At first when I play basketball I just always practice my skill in shooting and dribbling but never got interested to improve my skill in rebound. But now I learn that being great in rebounding is an important key too for you to win games in basketball. So if your playing basketball and you think your not good in shooting the ball or dribbling the ball, maybe its time for you to start improving your skill in rebounding because you should always remember that  “The one who controls the rebound controls the game”.


  1. I still think Akagi is not Japanese guy, but his sister is Japanese. Right?

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