How To Improve Our Jumping Ability in Basketball

Improving our jumping ability is one of the main key factors if we want to excel in the sports of basketball. Great jumping ability can totally give us an edge in offense and defense. It can give us more effectiveness in shooting, blocking and rebounding. But we also know that not everyone is gifted of high jumping ability. So in this posts I just want to list three of the simple exercises that we need to do for us if we want improve our vertical leap so that we can play much better in basketball.

jumping rope

Jumping Ropes – Jumping rope exercise not only can increase the height of your jump, but it can also improve your endurance, strength and you foot speed. It can totally improve your jump reflexes which can help especially in your blocking defense in basketball.

 calf raises

Calf Raises - I believe, this is one of the most popular simple exercise in improving our jump. Do you know that our calf muscles are very important to give us the final lift-off from the ground whenever we are jumping. That’s why it’s better to strengthen our calf muscles. To do this while standing, raise  in a surface with only our toes. Let our heels hang off as far as we can, rise as high as possible on your toes and hold the high position for three to five seconds and then do back to normal standing position to complete one repetition. We should perform at least 20 repetitions of three to four sets. We can improve our calf muscles faster if we do it at least 3 days a week, on alternating days.

 calf raises

One leg split squat jumps - To do this, stand to the side of a box or any with only one leg on it while the other leg is on the ground just like in the picture above. After that, just quickly straighten the leg that's on the box and try to elevate yourself as high as you can by pushing off with the lead leg. Stop or pause for a while between repetitions. Complete all the repetition for one leg before changing on to the other leg. Depend the height of box to focus on different areas. You can also increase weight to while doing these by holding light dumbbells. Perform 6-11 repetitions per leg.
 Doing this exercise won’t surely guarantee that we will totally increase our vertical leap in no time, remember that we first need to work hard for it, with a mix of proper diet and healthy life style is the key for us to achieve the jumping ability that we want.

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