Play At Least One Of These Top 10 Awesome Android Racing Games

There are loads of android racing games available but you don’t want to waste your time playing the games that might not be fun. I am sure that you are asking yourself what are some of the absolute best racing game apps for android?

Below you will find the top 10 android racing games that you might fall in love with and play for hours.

1. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD


Experience arcade racing at its best with Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD. In this game you will be able to do the following:

  • Build the perfect dream car collection.
  • Get your friends together and race with them.
  • Let the world eat your dust.
  • Play against some of the best and put them to the challenge.
  • Tune everything up to perfection.

The price? Just $1

2. Need For Speed: Shift

What can you expect when you play Need For Speed:Shift on your Android device?

  • Extremely fast cars
  • The ultimate best performance racing action
  • Track, Share and then you will be able to compare your game
  • Incredible iconic tracks

The price? Just $2

3. GT: Motor Academy

GT:Motor Academy offers you a chance to play a fantastic racing simulation on your Android device. Here are some of the things to expect with this game:

  • Enjoy 3D Capabilites
  • Get access to a huge amount of licensed content on your phone
  • Pick from over 100 cars from manufacturers known around the world such as Audi and Ferrari.

The price? It’s free.

4. Raging Thunder 2

You will feel your adrenaline really pumping with Raging Thunder 2. Here is why:

  • It’s a 3d racing action game.
  • It features cross-platform multiplayer games
  • Experience everything from tropical beaches to temples that have been abandoned.
  • Enjoy vista’s that happen to be breathtaking from around the world.

The price? $2

5. Extreme Formula

This is one of those futuristic racing android games that you will enjoy playing. You will have fun with being able to expect the following from this game:

  • Very shiny graphics
  • A huge selection of game modes such as Career and Pro-Race.
  • You can do quick racing when you have 18 Achievements.

The price? Free

6. Mini Motor Racing

Enjoy playing a game that makes you feel reckless. It’s a great combination of modern tech and mixed with nitro boosts to help your engines. Other pros about this game include:

  • A variety of control schemes are available in the user’s selection.
  • Fully loaded 3D Models.
  • Awesome HD graphics

The price? 2.1

7. Wave Blazer

Are you wanting to experience racing in the waves? This water racing android game is loads of fun. Here are some of the things that you will experience with Wave Blazer:

  • It’s a multiplayer Android game.
  • Go into face off mode and compete against the players from around the world.
  • Great water graphics.

The price? $1

8. Turbofly 3D

In the mood for a 3D futuristic racing game? Turbofly 3D has just about everything. Check out some of its unique features:

  • Go into career mode with 22 events.
  • The accelerometer is fantastic.
  • Pick from 8 beautiful 3D landscape tracks.
  • Enjoy 3 game modes being Pursuit, Normal Race and Endurance.

The price? $1

9. Drify Mania Championship

If you love drifting then you will love this game. You can drift fast thru the corners and much more:

  • This game has nice graphics that are smooth.
  • The controls seem to be excellent.
  • It can become a challenge in gameplay.
  • Compete against millions of other drivers.

The price? $1

10. Light Racer 3D Unlocked

This is one of the best light-emitting motorcycle android racing games available. Curious to see what it has to offer?

  • Race to the death in an arena that is 3D.
  • Enjoy 3D effects and views.
  • Play with friends.

The Price? $2.1

Have Fun With Your Android Device

You will find yourself having loads of fun for many hours if you decide to play one of the android racing games on your android device. If you are on a budget then make sure that you check out the free android racing games.

About The Author

Christina Pate is a Game Review Expert at Synqk.


  1. The prices on these are pretty good for all the boredom they take away:)

  2. With the amount of boredom games like this kill, the prices of these racing games are pretty reasonable. Thanks for sharing.