Top 10 Ways to teach Basketball for kids

Basketball is a team sport that is played using our hands. Basketball played on a court with two competing teams each having five players each. It's not only a sport but also a way to do exercise instead of heading to a gym. We can teach basketball to children from the age of four years and above either as a sport or a career. In the tax credits phone number, the main basic skills to we can teach children about basketball include the following:

1. Dribbling - This is one of the first and most important skills to learn about basketball. The child should always practice using a regular size ball even thou it may look to big for him to handle. The child should use his/her finger tips to bounce the ball on the floor continuously in order to strengthen his/her fingers. This is because one of the basketball rules is to dribble the ball using fingers and not the palm of your hand.

2. Passing - As basketball is a team sport, you should always teach the child to pass the ball and to avoid staying with the ball for a long duration. In basketball, they should learn to basic passes. The first pass is known as chest pass whereby the ball is not allowed to touch the floor. This pass is usually done using both hands direct to the chest of your team mate. The second pass is known as the bounce pass. It is executed using the court. The floor is the target position of the ball,the ball is thrown on the floor in order to reach the other team mate around his/her waist hereby allowing the team mate to catch it.

3. Shooting - The types of shots in basketball include; set shot, jump shot and lay up shot.

This skills are taught using Fun drills. This is because kids learn more from having fun. Fun drills enhances the child' thinking capacity when it comes to the sport. Some of the fun drills include

A. Competition - This makes the kids to work as a team as they will
always do anything just to win. The tactic makes children want to learn more and become better in the sport so they can be winning in the residing competitions. Children will learn much faster on how to play sport.

B. Teaching the children the clap pass - this helps the kid to be very active. The kid should always clap before the ball reaches him/her when it passed. If one fails to do this,he/she is eliminated. do this until we are left with the last kid who will emerge as the winner.

C. The red light green light drill - This involves enhancing the child's listening skills, speed and reflexes. This drill is played by letting the make a straight line facing you and asking each child to step forward and dribble the ball as you have instructed him/her. e.g when you say red, the child dribbles to the right and when you say green the child dribbles to the left.

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