Lebron James Finally Got The Championship Ring

lebron champion

The Championship match of Miami Heat v.s. Oklahoma City Thunder has finally ended up in game 5 series, 4-1 standing won by the Miami Heat and it’s happen right at their home court. Now the Miami Heat has taken the NBA 2012 Championship crowned. The game is a very one sided match through out the whole game led by Miami Heat until the end. Most of the player of Miami Heat played a great game especially Mike Miller who made seven three point shots as well as Mario Chalmers, Shane Battier and even Norris Cole did a good game too. As always Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade also played a great job in the game as one of the Big Three. But It’s Lebron James the “Three Time Season MVP” who really made a great part to win this series as he made 26 points, 11 rebounds and 13 assist which is a Triple Double performance.

Almost everyone who is a fan of Miami Heat all over the world and even here in the Philippines is happy for Miami Heat to winning the championship. But I think no one is so much happier in this moment than Lebron James himself, because as most of us know, that this is the first time Lebron James won the championship. I believe that Lebron James really need to win this championship for him to shut all the mouth of his haters and to remove all doubts about him as a superstar player and now he just did it. He played such a monstrous performance every game through out the season and playoffs as he averages more or less 30 points per game.

I believe that he really deserves it because he totally has great talent, love and determination to the sport. For me his a very humble guy, a very unselfish player. For sure there is more championship ring to come for Lebron James because I think this is just the beginning for him.  I hope this championship event become an eye opener to all lebron james haters and to remove all doubts about him.

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