Ray Allen going to play in Miami Heat’s jersey

ray allen miami heat

The free agent three-point specialist Ray Allen of Boston is reportedly agreed  and accept the signing contract offer for him to play with the NBA Depending Champion Miami Heat. It was confirmed by Allen's agent, James Tanner and said to The Associated Press and also according to many trusted sources. Even though  Boston Celtics offered him a $12 million dollar contract for 2 years season plus a no trade clause, Ray Allen still chose to agree for the $3 million dollar per year offer by the Miami Heat.

Now the all-time leader in three pointers made will expected to play with the depending champion. The Miami Heat may really need Ray Allen this next season because one the main key player and sharp shooter Mike Miller is considering back surgery and also Wade is scheduled for minor knee surgery.

We all know that Ray Allen, through out his career is always been a big treat in three point perimeter  to every team that he’s facing. Now what do you think will happen if he started playing with the Miami heat, together with LeBron James, Dywane Wade, Chris Bosh on the floor, that would totally be a very formidable line up. Imagine the fact that every team that they will face should need to double team LeBron James or even Dwayne wade because of their scoring ability which is very dangerous now because Ray Allen is on the floor too. We all know that you can’t just leave this guy free especially in the three point area and the fact that Shane Battier and Mike Miller are on this team too even Chris Bosh is also an outside shooter specialist too.

People may say that ray Allen is getting older and he might not in his best prime right  now compare to his past but for me Ray Allen is still Ray Allen, so you can’t just underestimate this guy just because his not getting any younger. I just hope that this Miami heat’s new line up will click very well and LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh become healthy through out this next season. If that happens then I won’t be surprise if this comes to another championship opportunity for Miami Heat.


  1. thanks for choosing miami as your home.i really wanted you to play........

  2. Ray Allen lebron jams d wade Chris Bose that's a un bearable squad like on 2k