How To Do Crossover in Basketball

crossover dribble

If you’re playing basketball I’m sure you already knew this move already. Crossover move is kind of dribble in basketball in which a player switches the ball rapidly fast from one hand to the other, to make a suddenly fast change of direction for you to get pass through your defender easily. This is my favorite move in basketball, I’m not saying I’m really good at it but at least I think I can do decent killer crossover just like what you are seeing in image gif on the right side . I’ve heard that the first nba player who do the crossover dribble is the nba legend Oscar Robertson but I’m not sure about that I just heard it from my friends. What I’m sure is that Tim Hardaway was the one who popularized the killer crossover in nba. But for me Allen Iverson is really the best in crossover dribble but that was just my opinion. Anyway I just created this post because I just want share some steps in how to do a crossover move just in case you want to learn how to do it.

Here it is :

1. First, while facing your defender you need to dribble the ball in your most dominant hand. let’s use your right hand for example

2. While dribbling using your right hand take a sudden step or a sudden wide step using your right foot. This is for the purpose of deceiving your defender faking him that you’re going to the right side direction. It will be much effective if you add it with a head fake.

3. Once your defender fall from your trap when he get to move to the right direction that you pretend to, Switch and dribble the ball rapidly to your left hand, you need to do it very quick and low in front of your defender.

4. While doing it take a fast step using also your right foot but going toward to the left side direction, this will make you change your direction from the right going to the left. This will totally surprise your defender because he thought your going to the right direction but actually going to the left side.

5. Doing all of that, you can now drive to the basket easily leaving your defender behind, And that’s all, now you can do the crossover dribble.


It’s better if you can only do it twice in front of your defender inside the game because if you do it a lot of times in front of him the defender may predict it easily and intercept it and steal the ball from you.

Always remember that crossover dribble is just a one way to pass through your defender. It won’t guarantee you to score easily, coz the fact in basketball is that “THERE’S NO SCORE IN DRIBBLE” no matter how cool or fancy the way you dribble the ball you won’t get any score from it that’s why you need to learn everything about basketball starting from the basic if want to excel from it.

If everything else fails in trying to follow this step or you can’t just understand what I’m saying in this step LOL! you can try to search and watch Allen Iverson crossover, I’m very sure you will learn from him.

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